Terms of Use

These terms and conditions relating to the Mascotte Bonus Program are applicable to all participants:

  1. Mascotte Bonus Program is open to Mascotte customers (hereinafter referred to as ‘participants’ or ‘users’) only.
  2. Participants are not permitted to share their personal details or passwords with third parties.
  3. To develop and manage the Mascotte Bonus Program, Mascotte joined forces with Touch Incentive Marketing B.V. (hereinafter referred to as: ‘Touch’). This party is also responsible for orders (sales), payments, and the logistical handling of any products participants order. Mascotte is not a party to the contract of sale between Touch and the participants in the Mascotte Bonus Program.
  4. Participants must agree to these general terms of use.
  5. The Mascotte Bonus Program is intended for general use. Mascotte assumes that you are who you say you are and that you keep your details up to date. Users are entitled to have only one account in the Mascotte Bonus Program. Any type of suspect or fraudulent behaviour in relation to the Mascotte Bonus Program will automatically result in the participant being suspended and/or excluded from participation.
  6. Mascotte reserves the right to promptly exclude participants from participation, without further explanation.
  7. Via their personal online savings account, participants can earn Mascotte Points on the basis of the targets Mascotte has set.
  8. Mascotte Points can be redeemed for products and experiences as featured in the online range.
  9. Mascotte Points cannot be redeemed for cash.
  10. Mascotte Points remain valid until 31 December of the year following the year in which they are credited. Participants will be informed in advance by email before Mascotte Points expire.
  11. For information about the products in the loyalty program product range and the logistical process, participants can contact the Touch helpdesk of the Mascotte Bonus Program directly.
  12. Touch processes definitive orders for digital e-tickets and e-vouchers on a daily basis (on working days).
  13. Delivery of digital e-tickets and e-vouchers at the participant’s address takes place on the basis of an e-ticket or e-voucher fulfilment process.
  14. E-tickets and e-vouchers ordered are forwarded to the known e-mail address within a maximum of thirty (30) minutes.
  15. Participants will be notified if digital e-tickets or e-vouchers are no longer available and your Mascotte Points will automatically be reimbursed.
  16. Mascotte and Touch do not assume any responsibility for unforeseen changes in the loyalty program product range and/or for products not being available for delivery anymore and/or for a possible delay in delivery of the products.
  17. The product offer applies until stocks are exhausted. Typesetting and/or printing errors in the brochure and the product descriptions, including changes in the products depicted, terms and conditions, and point values are reserved.
  18. All products come with a supplier warranty that meets the legal warranty requirements. Where that is not the case, Touch shall assume responsibility for the legal warranty requirements. The warranty terms are commonly enclosed separately or form part of the original packaging. In order to claim under the warranty, some warranty certificates may have to be submitted to the supplier directly. As recipient of the product, responsibility for that rests with the participant. In cases where a participant wants to claim under the warranty or wants to return a product, the Touch helpdesk of the Mascotte Bonus Program must be notified in advance by e-mail or post. On receipt, Touch will take charge of the claim and/or the return.
  19. By law, participants are entitled to return a product within fourteen (14) days of purchase, without having to provide any reasons. To this end, Touch will provide participants with a withdrawal form. The option to withdraw may be subject to a number of exceptions.
  20. Mascotte and/or Touch are not responsible for any damage, accident, or consequential losses the participant may suffer via the Mascotte Bonus Program whether during the lifetime of the Mascotte Bonus Program or thereafter, irrespective of the cause. The foregoing without prejudice to the applicable statutory obligations Touch, as seller, is bound by vis-à-vis consumers.
  21. Mascotte reserves the right to discontinue the Mascotte Bonus loyalty program and/or to amend these terms of use and/or to change the products without further explanation.
  22. Aside from these terms of use, Mascotte is free to impose other terms. In that case, the participants will be duly notified. To avail of the Mascotte Bonus Program, participants must accept any other terms the Mascotte Bonus Program is subject to.
  23. Personal data are processed to facilitate the use of the Mascotte Bonus Program and to communicate about the program with you. For further details, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Do you have a question, comment or complaint about the Mascotte Bonus Program? Make sure to contact the helpdesk via the following contact details:

 Mascotte Bonus Program
 Blaak 16
 3011 TA Rotterdam
 E-mail address: support@touchincentive.com

 Prefer to speak to a member of customer service in person? The helpdesk can be contacted Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00, via the following telephone number:+31 (0)10-2040231.